One of the first questions we ask our clients is “What does success look like?” From launching a new product, demonstrating technology, facilitating educational classes to positioning your company as a global thought leader, we listen to your goals and help to develop a strategy that enhances your brand and the overall attendee experience.

Siemens MAGNETOM Espree Launch

The clients initially came to us to set up the educational sessions in 4 cites where they would transport the new MRI system to and display for a day. Their goals were to get the word out about the new technology and hopefully sell one system. Unfortunately the majority of their budget was being utilized to merely transport and set up the system in each city with little left over for education and marketing. After careful consideration of their goals, we suggested putting the MRI in one of our double expandable trailers, making the transport of the vehical part of the experience! Sounds simple enough, however the MRI was 7 1/2′ wide which required major modifications to the trailer. With some clever engineering, we were able to make the system fit and we created a “show” using theme park quality automation to reveal the system. Due to the enormous savings and ease of operations we could now go to 16 cities and the tour was credited with selling over 24 MRI systems!