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Siemens Smart Chopper Tour

The goal of the tour was to use this one of a kind vehicle to promote the Siemens brand. We provided a turn key solution that allowed internal Siemens staff the ability to request the chopper for their event while providing executive checks and balances to ensure the smooth operation.


16 month US Road Tour of the Siemens Smart Chopper.
• Management of 16 month Siemens Smart Chopper tour

• Design and fabrication of the stage

• Design and production of the truck wrap

• Siemens employee video contest website to drive excitement about the bike within the corporations

• Siemens registration website for Smart Chopper exhibit: Ability to view calendar of scheduled dates and request dates for your event and learn more about the exhibit (videos, photos, stage diagrams, desktop images). 3 administration back-end communications.

• Vote for a charity website: Website where people can vote on which charity will get the proceeds of the sale of the smart chopper.