Ve-hi-cle Definition:

1 :  a means of carrying or transporting something planes, trains, and other vehicles: a piece of mechanized equipment

2 : a medium of communication, expression, or display:

We don’t approach your tour with a predetermined idea of which vehicle is right for you. We listen to your goals, story, and budget to select the right delivery approach. In some instances a trailer might be the right vehicle…in others an immersive dome, or a mobile display. Regardless of the “vehicle”, we will get your products and messages on the road and deliver your message in style!

Case Study:
Siemens Smart Grid Dome Tour

The Siemens Smart Grid Tour is centered around a 3,000-square foot exhibit walk-in dome that showcased end-to-end Smart Grid solutions. The dome hosts videos, interactive demos, and educational sessions that inform visitors on topics including automation, power distribution, generation, and transmission.

The Siemens Smart Grid Tour covered over six cities.